మన అగ్రహారం (NCTBA)

మన అగ్రహారం యొక్క లక్ష్యం Coming together we intend to create a positive impact socially within our Brahmin community here in NC and also to the Brahmin community back home as appropriate. A cohesively-bonded Brahmin community is good for our families in many dimensions: a deeper support system for each of us, stronger cultural roots for our children, and for greater good that we can extend to the societies we live in.


Provide a common platform for the Telugu Brahmins living in North Carolina which enables protecting and preserving the Sanatana Dharma, and promoting the Brahmin Way of living within and outside of North Carolina.


  • Create a platform for Brahmin families and children to collaborate, learn, enhance, preserve and strengthen our Sanatana Dharma (culture)

  • Support each other in several ways including internships for high-schoolers/recent-graduates, job support for the unemployed, counseling, help to brahmin senior citizens, and such needs

  • Form sub-groups within the Agraharam community with similar interests in poojalu, varthalu, nomulu, and religious, spiritual and vedic studies / discussions etc

  • Contribute to the charitable causes of helping poor Brahmin families/children, welfare of priests, temples, vedic schools, cows, etc., in distress, by participating in specific fundraising events

  • Be aware of Brahmin contestants in various religious and political elections and use personal judgment in supporting (or not)

  • Develop a cohesive, interconnected group of Brahmin community to help in marriage alliances for next generations

Articles of Incorporation

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